People and Society

People and Society

We hold ourselves accountable to our stakeholders, customers, colleagues, and society.

Human Rights

We internalize the concept of sustainability in all its aspects to minimize the environmental impacts arising from our activities, contribute to the environment, always act with a human-centered sensitivity, and contribute to society with social responsibility projects. As a responsible employer, we consider human rights to guide our value chain and business processes.

In this direction, we are taking a fair, equitable, and socially inclusive approach that prioritizes diversity and protects and enhances human rights. We do not treat people differently because of inherent qualities such as religion, language, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, and we take strict measures to prevent discrimination. We do not tolerate any behavior that could be characterized as discrimination. We create a participatory business environment with our diversity and inclusion-based policies and the United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles.

Our goal is to work with suppliers that respect human rights, do not discriminate, and give equal opportunity to their employees. We establish the necessary governance mechanisms to prevent human rights violations that will negatively affect our reputation due to our activities.

We accept the principles outlined in the Constitution of the Republic of Türkiye, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions as the basis of our corporate values. We support internationally accepted human rights practices.

We take active roles in SOCAR Volunteers, initiated by SOCAR Türkiye employees' will and guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We implement social responsibility activities and projects on education, environment, health, sports, animal protection, and social issues through this platform, where our employees voluntarily participate and support. We create collaborations that benefit society,

In partnership with our HSE Department, we conducted training sessions on occupational health, safety, and environmental awareness for the students of Aliağa Atatürk Middle School and Aliağa Gazi Primary School. During these trainings, we emphasized the significance of biodiversity for sustainability.

We offered students insights on common accidents and everyday life natural disasters via emergency response training. Throught this effort, we raised public awareness about accident prevention and how to react in the face of potential disasters.

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Employee Development

We believe that each of our employees has an impact and significance that will carry the company forward. We regard human resources as our most significant asset. For this reason, we attach importance to the following elements in our human resources policy: To provide a safe, fair and healthy working environment with ethical values, to implement practices that keep motivation and employee loyalty high, not only to prefer a qualified workforce but also to be their first choice.

We adopt the principle of 'the right candidate for the right position'. We manage our human resources practices in a digital environment using the Talent Management System, which we have developed to meet the needs of our employees and current approaches. This system enables our employees to realize their potential and support their career development. We offer opportunities for their growth and high motivation.

We encourage our employees to gain different perspectives and expand their visions and professional development. We continue to develop the infrastructure and content pool we created to support our employees during the pandemic. We hold regular meetings through representatives to ensure cooperation, labor peace, and harmony and protect our employees' rights and interests.